Dana Perkins, Commercial Artist
Dana Perkins, Biography
Dana Perkins is a commercial artist living in Saco, Maine and has a studio in Biddeford, just across the river. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, but soon got work as a graphic designer when a local printer in Duluth, Minnesota noticed some cartoon characters Dana had drawn for a poster.

Dana's work history includes print shops in Minnesota and Maine, including his own print shop in Biddeford until allergies to the press chemicals forced him to sell. For many years he worked as a staff artist for the International Marketing Council, which later became Marketing Resources International. There, he worked as part of a design team to create package designs, print advertising, POP (point of purchase) in-store displays, and print advertising as well as promotional materials for trade shows in major cities across the United States. For the past several years he has worked as a freelance commercial artist, where his primary work has been to help make other people's ideas become reality through effective presentation, promotion and packaging.

If you have any projects that would benefit from his areas of expertise, please give him a call. His detailed resumé is available upon request, although the samples on this web site should speak for themselves.

On the weekends, Dana is a performer who works as a professional ventriloquist and magician, performing shows all over New England at fairs, festivals, schools, churches, and a wide variety of other organizations.

WEB SITE TECHNICAL NOTES: As a demonstration of what he can do with the most basic tools, this web site was created "from scratch" by Dana using basic HTML in Simple Text. Project samples shown on this web site were originally created with various versions of PageMaker, InDesign, Quark Xpress, Freehand, Illustrator, DenebaCad, Photoshop, Painter, Canvas and Bar Code Pro. He also has worked extensively with TypeStyler, Poser, Extreme 3D and Carrara 3D. If you require work to be done using software that's not already on this list, it probably won't take Dana long to learn it.

Dana Perkins, Tel. 207 282 5826
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